The New Digital Dollar

RedApple USD (RUSD) combines USDT/USDC/US Dollar stability with the efficiency of blockchain technology.

RUSD on Your Platform

For leading online companies, global telecommunications providers, payments platforms or others offering commerce or payments to millions of users, RUSD could transform your business. RUSD allows your ecosystem to transact nearly instantly and with the nominal fees. RUSD provides the trust, technology and financial infrastructure so you can focus on growing your core business.

Why Use Stablecoins ?

Stablecoins like RUSD are a new class of digital currencies backed by stable, real-world assets like fiat money. RUSD stablecoins combine the stability of the USDT/USDC/USD Dollar with the efficiency of blockchain technology. 

Bank Card

Top-up with RUSD and spend US dollars anywhere in the world


Allow your users to settle transactions in real-time, 24/7, outside of traditional banking hours

Open API

Create greater liquidity & utility on the  platform by plugging into an open ecosystem


Allow users to hold USD on your platform without requiring a USD bank account


Fully Managed Regulatory Approvals

RUSD works with Singapore banking regulators to get formal approval for the issuance and usage of your custom branded stablecoin. Our Trust status and additional licenses enable us to serve customers from all over the world.


Dollar-Backed Digital Assets

RUSD serves as the qualified custodian for your stablecoin, ensuring USDT/USDC assets are held 1:1 in dedicated omnibus cash accounts at Alpha Custodian or in Treasury Bills. These balances are audited every month to validate 1:1 backing.


Easy, Seamless Technology Integration

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. RUSD stablecoin platform is API-enabled to make your technical integration simple. With an extensive library of endpoints, it’s easy to select the best options for your customer experience.


Key Application
Earn RUSD from RAT

RedApple Token(RAT) powers the Alpha Custodian Ecosystem. As the native coin of RedApple Games, RAT has an innovative "Game is Mining" mechanism. RedApple Games will allocate up to 90% of its income to RAT holders.

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